This page is soon to be filled with plenty of info for your ears. 

For now, here are our top three tips for keeping your ears healthy in the music industry.


Get regular hearing tests

As much as we love music, when listened to loud enough for long enough it has the potential to do us harm. Music induced hearing loss due to frequent, loud sound is a slow-burner; it's more often than not cumulative and gradual but leads to permanent damage. The good news is though, it's entirely preventable. The first step to ensuring you're passion isn't impacting your hearing is to know what you're hearing is doing.  When was the last time you had your hearing tested?  By getting regular hearing tests you'll be the first to know if your hearing is changing and be able to act before things progress. We recommend seeing an audiologist every 1-2 years if you work in the industry to keep tabs on the health of your ears.


Make friends with ear plugs

And no, we don't mean the orange foam kind that never seem to fit and muffle everything, yuck. Inserted properly, a typical foam plug will block out sound by up to 40 dB, that’s way too much if you’re playing! No wonder they end up in the bin. For most musicians 15 dB (ish) is suitable, less or more depending on your role. Sometimes you won't need them, but as a blanket rule, if you have to shout to be heard, it’s time to put the plugs in. Affordable, non-custom earplugs can be found online, like these or these, that use filters to balance out the sound. For the best protection though, invest in your own set custom-made earplugs. You’ll need an audiologist to help you with these, but there’s really no beating them. Plus, we vote your ears are worth the investment. 


Know the signs

Your ears are just like any other part of your body; they get tired when over-used and need time to rest and recover (i.e. silence). If you experience ringing, dullness, distortion or even pain (eep) in your ears during or after a gig, your ears at risk - give them a break! Try to hold off plugging in the music or surrounding yourself with loud sounds for the next day, this will help give your ears time to recover and prevent adding insult to injury. Even better, if you are getting into this situation, see point 2 and avoid this happening all together, win win! As music induced hearing loss is cumulative, little by little the damage adds up, but every time you protect your ears you're stopping this before it's started.


We’ll update this soon with more healthy tips for your ears and fun facts to keep you safe and informed. 

In the meantime, be kind to your ears. You only have one pair and we want them to last a lifetime. 

Music induced hearing loss might be permanent, but it IS preventable.


We’ve got your back.