Funding hearing care in the developing world.


Hear us loud and clear: no child should be left without the gift of music

Musicians for Hearing was set up to bridge an ironically unheard of gap in healthcare: hearing.

The World Health Organisation estimates:

·      360 million people worldwide live with a disabling hearing loss

·      32 million of these are children

·      89% of those affected by disabling hearing loss are from low to mid income nations

·      Current production of hearing aids meets less than 3% of need in these regions

That means there are roughly 28 million children and 291 million adults worldwide without the means or resources to access hearing care.


Working towards a goal of global audiology support

Access to audiological care in regions most affected verge on impossibility, with the proportion of Audiologists to the population as low as one in 5 million.

One in 5 million… Shockingly, this means that a child in a developing country is more likely to be struck by lightning than receive the hearing care that could dramatically change their life for the better.

This has to change.

The very real effect of such poor access to quality healthcare is that many people will live out their lives without education, employment, communication, language or music.

For this reason, we exist for the purpose of funding hearing care in the developing world.


Music to everybody's ears

As musicians and music lovers, we have an immense appreciation for the world of sound. By using our events to fundraise, we get to share that love not only with those who attend, but those we are then able to fund. We promote inclusivity by ensuring interpreted access at all of our events.

When you donate to Musicians for Hearing or attend one of our events, we are able to send money to where it is needed most to bring music, language, education and employability into people's lives.


It’s time the issue of hearing loss was heard